Our invention


The TMF-06 pulling force measuring instrument offers the following advantages for application:

  • Simple operation
  • Quick and easy tension adjusment
  • Easy calibration of the tools on the production line
  • Accurate repeatability
  • Easy handling
  • Pocket-size, portable
  • Economical, material saving

When swiched-on, the instrument displays the version-nr. The measuring range is from 0 to 400 N, with a breakdown of 1 N. The device consists of the measuring electronics and the display, with 9,5V DC adaptor included. The display shows in the upper row continuously the momentary pulling force and in the lower row the maximum value reached at cut-down. The display disposes of a background lighting, enabling the use in darker environments.

Continuous operation

For the measurement a cable tie is fixed below the press-plate, on a lenght of min. 15mm. The device has to be reset to “0”. The cable tie tensioning tool is placed on the protruded part of the cable tie, in a way that the head of the tensioning tool bumps softly against the coverplate of the device. In the next step the tensioning and cutting movement are performed. During the measurement in the upper row of the display appears the value of the momentary tension, whilst in the lower row the maximum value reached during the measurement. It has to be checked, that no piece of tie stays stuck between the measuring cell and the housing. The device has to be protected against dynamic stresses. 

Operating buttons
When the reset button was used, both the momentary and maximum values are reset to “0”. The instrument can be reset along the whole measuring range. There is a sunk button, necessary for programming the device and is not accessible to the operator 

Error displays
“ERROR6” : the sensor is overstressed. Danger of damaging the device. 
“ERROR7” : the sensor is loaded in opposite (negative) direction. 

The accuracy has been adjusted by the manufacturer on a load-bench. In case of proper use and handling the device keeps its accuracy for 1 year. 

In case of proper use and handling the device doesn’t require any maintenance. 

Main technical data
  • Type: TMF-06
  • Dimensions (mm): 200 x 80 x 40
  • Weight (kg): 0.8
  • Measuring range (N): 400
  • Breakdown/ Accuracy (N): 1
  • Display: 2×16 digit LCD with background lighting
  • Measuring cell: Stretch-measuring stamped cell
  • Power supply: 3,7 V Li-ion battery