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tools, repair

About our Company

Gépjavító Kft. is specialized in repairing and maintaining pneumatic hand tools and hydraulic jacks. Our pneumatic repair shop is ready to serve our esteemed Customers in the area of repairing and maintaining pneumatic machines such as pop rivet tools, nut runners, screw-drivers, drills, grinders, staplers, impact wrenches, cable tie tools.
In 2003 our Company has received the ISO qualification, which proves that our operation is up to the highest international requirements which we obeyed before and ever since.
The professional work is guaranteed by our skills.

Our services:

  1. Repair within and beyond the warranty period

  2. Maintenance

  3. Sale of tools and binding units

  4. Technical support, guidance

By annual or framework contracts we ensure the spare parts supply thus the time needed for repair and maintenance is going to be significantly shorter.
Our Mission is related to the high quality and precise service and work we provide to our Customers and Partners. Our corporate slogan is: We work to provide you with an uninterrupted operation! 

We take part in the process of production improvement projects. As a result of this a measuring instrument ’TMF’ has been developed based on our idea. This instrument is applied for measuring the pulling force of cable tie tools. TMF is effectively used in the field of industrial production in Hungary and in many other European countries.

In 1996 we have been awarded by our first official international brand representative agreement which was followed by many others during the course of time. Since then we are the technical service representative of the following industrial companies in Hungary: the German Hellermanny Tyton, the Italian FAR and FIAM, Schneider, Berner, the Korean Sehan, and the Taiwanese VGL.

Our continuous learning and development is well provided and secured: our multinational Partners make sure we are acquainted by the most recent technologies and equipments at their plants. So we have up-to-date information of the features of new pneumatic tools, of their industrial application, of the process of assembling and repairing them.  This enables us to maintain a high quality service to our esteemed Customers in Hungary.

As a result of the afore mentioned high quality service we provide to our Customers and Partners we have the honor to have contracts for many years with such well known and established multinational companies like for instance: ELECTROLUX in Jászberény and in Nyíregyháza, LEAR Automotive Company in Gödöllő and Gyöngyös, IBM – Zolner in Vác.

Please honour us with your confidence, and let us repair your disabled tools or let us help you to find the best fit equipments and tools to meet your production and technical requirements as well the best financial solution to your needs, and we are going to make sure that your broken hand tools or inefficiently working machines will no longer be a hindrance to your productive working process.

Mr. Ferenc Mucsanyi
Owner, general manager

tools, repair

Our invention

Tension measuring instrument Operating instructions 

Tool description
The TMF-06 instrument offers the following advantaqes for application:

- Simple operation
- Quick and easy tension adjusment
- Easy calibration of the tools on the production line
- Accurate repeatability
- Easy handling
- Pocket-size, porta ble
- Economical, materila saving

tension measuring

When swiched-on, the instrument displays the version-nr. The measuring range is from 0 to 400 N, with a breakdown of 1 N. The device consists of the measuring electronics and the display, with 9,5V DC adaptor included. The display shows in the upper row continuously the momentary tension force and in the lower row the maximum value reached at cut-down. The display disposes of a backgroung lighting, enabling the use in darker environments. 

Continuous operation
For the measurement a cable tie is fixed below the press-plate, on a lenght of min. 15mm. The device has to be reset to "0". The cable tie tensioning tool is placed on the protruded part of the cable tie, in a way that the head of the tensioning tool bumps softly against the coverplate of the device. In the next step the tensioning and cutting movement are performed. During the measurement in the upper row of the display appears the value of the momentary tension, whilst in the lower row the maximum value reached during the measurement. It has to be checked, that no piece of tie stays sticked between the measuring cell and the housing. The device has to be protected against dynamic stresses. 

Operating buttons
When the reset button was used, both the momentary and maximum values are reset to "0". The instrument can be reset along the whole measuring range. There is a sunk button, necessary for programming the device and is not accessible to the operator 

Error displays
"ERROR6" : the sensor is overstressed. Danger of damaging the device. 
"ERROR7" : the sensor is loaded in opposite (negative) direction. 

The accuracy has been adjusted by the manufacturer on a load-bench. In case of proper use and handling the device keeps its accuracy for 1 year. 

In case of proper use and handling the device doesn't require any maintenance. 

Main technikal data

Type: TMF-06
Dimensions (mm): 200 x 80 x 40
Weight (kg): 0.8
Measuring range (N): 400
Breakdown/ Accuracy (N): 1
Display: 2x16 digit LCD with background lighting
Measuring cell: Stretch-measuring stamped cell
Power supply: 3,7 V LI-ion battery

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Lehel-Electrolux plants in Jászberény and in Nyíregyháza
Lear Corporation plants in Gödöllő and in Gyöngyös
Jászplasztik Ltd. in Jászberény
Zollner in Vác
Alcoa in Székesfehérvár
Grundfos in Pápa
Zarges in Kecskemét
Berner in Budapest
Király-Szerszám in Budapest

tools, repair

tools, repairs

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